Our Services
  •  Scientific Paper Impact Boosting

  • Professional Research Lab Websites

  • Lab Research Impact and Productivity Analysis

  • Custom Data Management Solutions

  • Social Media Presence for Scientific Labs

  • Lab Management System

Scientific Paper Impact Boosting

• Lab Paper Amplification
• Pretweeting Paper Citations Before Publication
• Retweeting, Liking and Reposting Social Media Shares
• Monthly Google Search for Mentions of Paper on the Web
• Monthly Update of Paper Metrics on Website
• Upload PDFs of Paper to Scientific Repository

Google Scholar
Impact Story
Google Plus

Professional Research Lab Websites

• Repository of current information about lab and team members
• Optimized for social media and mobile devices
• Designed for ease of use by PIs and lab staff
• Built on WordPress content management system
• Branded for university, faculty, department, etc
• Google Analytics and custom web forms
• Team page displays current and past lab members
• Secure user login to additional LabCrunch services
• Integrated with lab YouTube channel
• Accelerated with Cloudflare

Lab Research Impact and Productivity Analysis

Scientists want to know how productive their labs are how much impact their research is generating.

We provide monthly updates of various metrics for research papers compared to Canadian scientists. This is especially important in today’s extremely competitive funding atmosphere.


Click on any of the metrics below to see an example of one of our websites.

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Impact 2
Impact 1
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Custom Data Management Solutions

  • Customized data management solutions created by our architecture team

  • Secure data processes handled by Lab Crunch dedicated servers and additional cloud computing services as required

  • All data is encrypted in transit and at rest

  • All interactions are logged and auditable

  • Detailed permissions enable you to control visibility or access to private data, even in large collaborations.

  • Non-destructive processes on protected proprietary data

  • Every stage protected, with no loss of information

  • WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus enabled for integration of heterogeneous systems and applications

  • Designed to be simple, save time and money

Lab Management System

Moriarty Lab ipad landscape lab manager
Moriarty Lab smartphone landscape lab manager_600x400

• Customized lab management solutions for individual labs
• Based on Salesforce CRM architecture
• Mobile optimized for ease of use in labs
• Track lab chores with compliance workflows
• Data storage and process management
• Inventory management system
• Custom workflows and complex task actions

About Lab Crunch

Lab Crunch was founded to help research labs concentrate on research.

We want to free up time for scientists to do research instead of some of the important but energy consuming processes like below:

  • Building a professional website

  • Use social media effectively to boost impact of their papers

  • Outsourcing lab research impact and productivity analysis for grant writing

  • Creating an effective lab management system

  • Processing their data effectively


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